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ALTdev focuses on building websites that are clean, user friendly, and mobile responsive. Using our unique approach we focus on your business needs and objectives to ensure that your new site leads to more conversions.

We Build Powerful Websites

Alternative Dev is the the Web Design & Development partner you have been looking for. Our passion for building websites makes us great at what we do and that means you get the best.


Design Capabilities

Our Approach

It’s 2021, stop living in the past.

Wave goodbye to outdated websites.

Our unique process gives you a website that meets the latest development, performance & accessibility standards.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile First Design

More commonly referred to as responsive web design, mobile first design is exactly what it sounds like. 63% of all traffic online in the US comes from mobile devices. Using this approach creates a strong foundation for us to build on, making sure your site looks amazing on mobile, tablets, and desktops. Now and in the future.

🔥 Blazing Fast

Speed Optimization

Slow sites cost you customers and lose you money. If your website takes longer than a few seconds to load you risk losing 74% of your customers. Speed of your site is so important to avoid losing traffic, ensure you don't fall behind your competition and to maintain your reputation.Every second counts.

🚀 Built for searching

SEO Optimized

We build your website to be fast and efficient making it easy for search engine crawlers, to crawl your website and index all your pages. Helping your website rank and perform better in search engines.

Our Design Capabilities

Web Design

  • Responsive Design
  • Single Page Websites
  • Landing Pages
  • WordPress Theme Design
  • Prototyping

User Experience (UX)

  • Information Architecture
  • Accessibility
  • Design Style Guides
  • Mockups
  • User Interface (UI) Design

Our Approach

Template Based Websites

Fast Turn-Around
Starting at $1,500
  • 140+ Beautiful Templates To Choose From
  • Fully Responsive Website
  • Standard Page Load Optimization
  • On-Page SEO
  • Fast Turn-Around
  • Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Configuration

Custom Designed Websites

Fast Turn-Around
Starting at $3,000
  • 100% Custom Designed Website
  • Fully Responsive Website
  • In-Depth Page Load Optimization
  • Accessibility Optimization
  • On-Page SEO
  • Fast Turn-Around
  • Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Configuration
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